Delivery Information

At Tactical Intelligence Security (TAISE) Arms, we are committed to providing safe and secure delivery processes for our valued customers. Whether you are an individual in Ghana or a dealer in other parts of Africa, our delivery procedures are designed to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and to prioritize safety at all times. Please review our delivery information policy below for a clear understanding of how we handle deliveries:

For Individuals in Ghana:

1. Firearm Selection: Individuals wishing to purchase a firearm from TAISE Arms can start by selecting the desired firearm from our product range.

2. Registration with Ghana Police CFR: To initiate the purchase process, you must register with the Ghana Police Central Firearms Registry (CFR). The serial number of the selected firearm will be provided to the police as part of this process.

3. License Issuance: Once the license is issued by the Ghana Police CFR, TAISE Arms will arrange for the delivery of the firearm. It will be delivered to a police station near your location, where you can pick it up along with your valid license.

4. Fingerprint and TAISE Gun Club Membership: Upon firearm pickup, your fingerprint will be captured for identification purposes. Additionally, you will be issued a membership card for the TAISE Gun Club, providing you with access to our shooting range and armory services.

Important Note: TAISE Arms strictly adheres to the law and will never issue an unlicensed firearm to any individual.

For Dealers in Other Parts of Africa:

1. Firearm Selection: Dealers located in other parts of Africa who wish to purchase firearms from TAISE Arms can begin by selecting the desired firearms from our product range.

2. Provide Import Permit: Dealers must provide the necessary permits to import firearms into their respective countries. Compliance with local import regulations is the responsibility of the dealer.

3. Delivery Agreement: The terms of delivery will be agreed upon between TAISE Arms and the dealer. This includes details such as shipping methods, delivery schedules, and associated costs.

4. Delivery: Upon agreement, the delivery of the firearms will be carried out as specified. TAISE Arms will ensure that the delivery complies with all relevant export and import regulations.

At TAISE Arms, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance throughout the entire delivery process. Our aim is to provide customers with a secure and reliable means of obtaining firearms and related services.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our delivery procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.